Rufat Abas


Born and raised in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, my life in photography began when my uncle bought me an old soviet camera "Смена" (Smena) to my 10th birthday. I was a schoolboy when just learned to develop black and white films and make prints using our small bathroom as a darkroom. With years passed photography became for me something more than just a hobby.

I started my life as a professional photographer more than ten years ago. My passion for creating images has evolved to include portrait, still life, event, and street photography. My photographs stand out because they have a style that is personally creative and graphically strong. I hope with the help of my web site and blog you will know more about me, my photos and style.

I also like numbers. I worked on financial and banking sector for a number of years, but that was quite a while ago, though. Now I make art with my camera and computer and I love what I do.

I enjoy time taking photographs and hope you will enjoy time viewing them.