March 20, 2015

London is a Capital of Great Britain - part 1

"London is a Capital of Great Britain" is a traditional phrase of the English language textbooks for students. I remember it from the secondary school and almost since that time UK and London in particular, was on my list of top three places to visit. Finally it happened and last months I was invited to visit London as one of the winners of the "Azerbaijan - Sport in Focus" photography competition. I really liked London, especially people which are very friendly and they do like to help. My trip was quite short and five days for London was not enough, but I almost spent every day taking photos on the streets. I am not going to write all my impressions since it will be very long article, instead, I will let you see the photos I took in London streets. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the pictures ! İ didn`t know you visited London. Nice mood on most of the pics. Right city and as I see no troubles on human faces. Fuji ot Canon ?

    1. Thank you! It was a short but great trip in March. Loved it. Camera is Fujifilm X-T1


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