December 12, 2014

Time Capsule Project

Last two weeks I spent with a group of creative people attending the workshop called "Redeeming the Everyday". The workshop was conducted by artists Rossella Emanuele and Mervyn Arthur and organized by Yarat. This workshop invited participants to consider how art can be made using material from the everyday world. We discussed recent trends in photography and contemporary art and involved in practical workshops, one-on-one discussions and group tutorials. 

Participants were asked to respond to the idea of working with ‘the everyday’ through extensive practical experimentation using photography, lens-based media, three-dimensional construction and contextual research. As a result of this workshop I came up with an idea of "Time Capsule" project. The Time Capsule project employs the concept of ‘time capsule’ to create art using material from everyday world such as newspapers, letters, photographs and other objects that are available now but may disappear with years passed. You can see the entire project on my website. Tell me what do you think about it. 

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