June 30, 2013

Google Plus 2 Year Anniversary photowalk - Baku

This year as well the photography community of Google+ decided to organize a world wide photowalk to celebrate the two year anniversary of Google+ on Saturday, June 29, 2013. The idea was to gather together to hang out with other Google+ photographers, take and share photos and meet new and interesting people. The total number of cities involved this year was 66. This time the photowalk in Baku was hosted by +Fuad Babayev and me. Our photo walk started in front of the Baku funicular at 16:00 and ended near the JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel. We all enjoyed the evening!

Portraits of participants taken by +Elmar Mustafazadeh, collage made by +Vusal Zeiss 

Group photo by +Vusal Zeiss 


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    1. Thank you very much Riccardo. I will definitely have a look at it. But frankly speaking, considering that I have a blog, website and few other personal online projects, and I am also posting in some social networks it might be a bit difficult dig deeper due to the time constraints.


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