March 11, 2013

Gulf Photo Plus 2013

I wanted to attend Gulf Photo Plus last year, but missed it for some personal reasons, so this year I made my best to be a part of this event. If you love photography, you will really love Gulf Photo Plus. GPP2013 annual event is the region's biggest & only photography festival bringing the world's best photographers and instructors to Dubai to share their knowledge and experience with the Middle East and Africa's professional and amateur photography community. Alongside the awesome workshops at GPP2013 there were lots of other special events and activities (many of which were completely free of charge).

I had a chance to attend Joe McNally's "Telling Stories With Light", Peter Hurley's "The Art behind the Headshot", Gregory Heisler's "A Philosophy of Light" seminars and John Keatley's "Lighting for editorial portraiture"  workshop. Below are some photos taken during GPP2013 workshops. 

The funniest part of GPP2013 was the legendary Shout Out. Three of the visiting photographers competed against each other in a battle to make the best photograph of an undisclosed subject. They had just 20 minutes to shoot and process their image live on stage, with commentary (and the obligatory heckling) from their fellow photogs Joe McNally and David Hobby. Zack Arias, John Keatley and Lindsay Adler were put under pressure this year and the challenge was to make a portrait of Gregory Heisler

... and here is the winning photo of GPP2013 shoot out by Zack Arias

Photo Courtesy Gulf Photo Plus

It was a wonderful week and unforgettable experience with amazing people.

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