March 12, 2013

Fujifilm X100S Hands-On And First Impressions

Fujifilm launched the world's fastest autofocus camera X100S. I got my hands on the new model at Gulf Photo Plus 2013 in Dubai last week. I was honored to be invited by Fujifilm ME team to participate at their presentation of new x series cameras and joined them on safari trip afterwards. Here are some photos I took with X100S during this trip. I'm posting some artsy toned photos now and will also share some images in color in the next post. I have to admit that I was quite surprised with the camera performance and image quality.

Fuji’s engineers equipped the X100S with two auto focus systems - contrast and phase-detection. The new hybrid system is designed to ensure quicker and more accurate focusing in a variety of lighting conditions. There are also two new manual focus–assist features, both of which greatly improve the user experience. Now I can say with full confidence that Fuji accomplished what it set out to do.

By the way, David Hobby (Strobist) who also was in Dubai for Gulf Photo Plus 2013, had the privilege of purchasing the first Fujifilm X100S before the official launch of sales. This is what David told about the camera.
  1. The chip is fantastic. I was worried that higher pixel density (16mp vs 12 mp) would bring noise problems. Nope, it’s truly awesome. With respect to noise, I estimate it to be one stop better than the X100 chip, a pleasant surprise given the increased pixel density.
  2. Autofocus was a relative weak link with the X100, but the X100s is remarkable. Super quick, confidently grabbing focus in low light. Wonderful.
  3. Manual focus is not only useable (which I did not consider it to be in the earlier model) but downright fantastic. It sees in the dark. The focus peaking works wonderfully. The changed pitch of the manual focus ring was much-welcomed and is, in my opinion, perfect. Bravo.
  4. I found the crossover point for macro focusing to be too far out in the previous model. Thanks so much for letting me focus much closer before going into macro. This is a great evolution from before.
  5. The redistribution of the menu controls was both thoughtful and elegant. The “Q” button was an inspiration. Fast, and all of the go-to items right at my fingertips. Great choice on the new location for the AF and Drive buttons, too. Again, very well thought out.

The conclusion: “This camera is pretty close to perfect for what it purports to be”.


  1. awesome, i love your shots and i even dont need words for this review because these photos tell me what can be done with this camera and as i can see your light situation was not that great and still shots are really nice. Thank you.

  2. Thank you @twitter-187545198:disqus. As you mentioned the lighting situation was not that great (mid afternoon) and sometimes I myself intentionally shoot against the sun to challenge the camera. I really loved this camera. 


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