February 1, 2013

"The light trail" - How I Shot It

I called this photo of my daughter and my favorite model "The light trail". After posting it on my Facebook page and Google Plus I received few messages with question about the lighting setup and post production process. In this post I will answer these questions with a great pleasure. Here is the final image. 

The lighting setup is pretty simple and include one light source only, which is Canon Speedlite 580EX II in 24' softbox. The softbox was slightly turned towards the background to avoid any flares but it is also possible to block the light by using the flag without turning the softbox.

Here are "before and after" images. As you see I have not changed the initial image that much. The post production tweaks include mainly vignetting, removing the hairs, increasing the contrast and converting to black and white. That is all. Your comments and questions are most welcome. Hope it was useful! 


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