October 23, 2012

The Last Passengers

Two weeks ago I traveled to Tbilisi with a small group of creative people consisting of artists, art critics and musicians. We took an overnight train from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Tbilisi, Georgia. The train was very old, 1950's, but renovated few year ago. The interesting thing about this train was that this was its last ride, since all the trains would be replaced the next day with modern locomotives. So we were the last passengers of this old train. The company was great, so I could not miss a chance to test my new Galaxy S3 and decided to make a small funny photo reportage. I am very much satisfied with the camera quality of S3. Enjoy the photos!

Leaving Baku

It's party time
The tallest guy of the train

Tbilisi at night

Petrol tanks from East to West
Tbilisi railway station. Our guys called this "pigeon art" cause of the stains on the glass
The last passengers of the old train

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