October 30, 2012

City Challenge Baku Highlights

I have got an assignment from one of the European agencies to shoot a City Challenge Baku 2012 races. I have never shot car races before, so shooting this event was also a personal challenge for me to some extend. 

It was 3 days of exciting entertainment, breathtaking city races and lots of fun. The numerous spectators on the packed grandstands got to see plenty of action with a pair of GT qualifying sessions and two GT sprint races plus a qualifying session for the Gymkhana City Drift series and a sprint race for the Classic Grand Prix with historic Formula 1 and other powerful single-seater machines. 

Ferrari with broken tire
RWT Racing Team Corvette Z.RO6 crash
RWT Racing Team Corvette Z.RO6 crash

Hartmut Beyer - City Challenge CEO (L), Wilma Elles - Actress (M), Rick Yune - Actor (R)
Wilma Elles - Formula 1 ride

Winners CIty Challenge GT Baku: Hexis McLaren Fred Makowiecki, Stef Dusseldorp

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