March 19, 2011

Wish you a Happy Novruz!!!

Spring has come! Happy Novruz to everyone! Wishing you all happiness, prosperity, peace and love. Here is what Wikipedia says about Novruz: Novruz is a traditional holiday which celebrates the New Year, and the coming of Spring. Usually preparation for Novruz begins a month prior to the festival. Each of forthcoming 4 weeks is devoted to one of the four elements - water, fire, earth and wind. As a tribute to fire-worshiping every Tuesday during four weeks before the holiday kids jump over small bonfires and candles are lit. Novruz is a family holiday. In the evening before the holiday the whole family gathers around the holiday table laid with various dishes to make the New Year rich. The holiday goes on for several days and ends with festive public dancing and other entertainment of folk bands, contests of national sports.

Wish you a Happy Novruz!!! | Rufat Abas Photography

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