November 21, 2010

Greg Skehan - New Eyes Photography

Graig Skehan is a teacher and photographer from Australia who has been living and working in Azerbaijan over the past twelve years. The first time I met Graig about ten years ago at the photo lab where I used to work. However, it happened out that I changed my job and left Baku so somehow the connection with Graig was lost. Recently I saw the announcement on the internet about the photo exhibition in Baku of the Australian photographer and to my great surprise, it was Graig whom I have not seen for ages. So it was really great to see him again on the exhibition opening.

The next day after the opening we met with Graig at the photography club where he was invited to talk about his photographs and share his experience. I took these photos of Graig while he was talking about his works. I liked the different expressions on his face, which clearly indicated that he was truly passionate about photography. He has incredible photos from different parts of the world, so feel free to also visit Graig's New Eyes Photography website that he launched recently.

Graig Skehan

Here is a slide show with all photos from that day.


  1. Rufat bey cox gozel iwdir.Tesekkurler

  2. Awesome, I'll definitely go check out his work.

  3. Hi Rufat, You are one of the photo editors I liked the most from Alex's posting. I've looked through your site and love your photos. Can't wait to see more in the future! x, AnneMarie


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