October 25, 2010

Wedding photography prices

Finding the right photographer for your wedding is very important. Most important are those that are capturing your memories; the photographer and the videographer.

Sometimes you may complain that the cost of the wedding photographer is too high. But think of these thinks as well: Wedding photography is an art. The equipment photographers use costs thousands of dollars. Having the right type of cameras and equipment is essential, but having the right eye for photography and video is vital. After your wedding day passes, you are left with only a few things. Your wedding cake will be eaten, the flowers will eventually wilt and the wedding reception will be over when it is time for you and your betrothed to head home and prepare for the honeymoon. After all is said and done, it will be the images of your day that will help you to always remember all of the emotion, laughter, tears and sacredness of that day.

Think of it this way: when you go to eat at McDonald’s, you expect the food to be inexpensive. Conversely, when you go out to a fancy restaurant or steak house you’d realize that the cut of meat is higher quality, the presentation is different, and the experience is heightened.

As a conclusion I want to share an inspirational wedding video from Shade Tree Films based in SoCal. I like these guys and they really rock! Enjoy!

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